AAVIN is a private equity firm based in the heart of the Midwest. Steeped in aabout_aavin culture of hard work and integrity, we pursue sustainable growth models that deliver results over the lifetime of our investments.

We stay true to our roots by focusing on small, regionally-based opportunities. Specializing in late-stage and expansion-stage financings, we partner with strong management teams that seek long-term business growth.

We seek to build businesses through internal growth or acquisitions. We invest primarily in late-stage and expansion-stage financings. Our activities are concentrated in the Middle America region of the United States.

AAVIN has extensive private equity investment experience with a long history of serving as lead investors in buyout financings. Our seven-member investment team have made investments in over 300 companies. AAVIN is currently managing an $87 million SBIC fund, the group’s 12th private fund and 7th SBIC license.

AAVIN’s investment team combines financial and operational expertise and we have broad expertise in a variety of industries. We provide significant value over the life of our investments through active involvement. We provide assistance to our management teams in many areas including strategic planning, finance, marketing, recruiting, analyzing and closing acquisitions or divestitures, developing treasury strategies and assessing financial markets.