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    AAVIN has been a longtime partner of Coolibar, supporting its growth plans to be the premier provider of fashionable sun protective clothing.

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    America’s PowerSports

    AAVIN partners with other private equity and mezzanine funds to provide expansion capital to this consolidator of power sports dealerships.

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    AAVIN pursues a unique strategy with RuffaloCODY, partnering with management to acquire assets and operations from a public company, and then building the resulting company into the largest third-party provider of fundraising services for non-profits.

  • woodworking

    Archon Woodworks

    AAVIN partners with three other private equity funds to provide an orderly ownership transition of Archon, the largest employer in a rural Minnesota community. The transition allows Archon to continue to be a force in it local community, while growing through specific targeted acquisitions.

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    About AAVIN

    AAVIN is a private equity firm based in the heart of the Midwest. Steeped in a culture of hard work and integrity, we pursue sustainable growth models that deliver results over the lifetime of our investments.


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News Board

  • 6/30/16

    CPI Luxury Group

    AAVIN closes an investment with CPI Luxury Group, a proud seller of a bountiful and diverse catalog of pearls to nearly 10,000 retailers across the United States. Visit their website at http://www.cpilg.com/

  • 12/16/15

    B12 Transportation Group, LLC

    AAVIN closes an investment with B12 Transportation Group, a custom motor vehicle body manufacturer of North America. Visit their website at http://www.bcvi.com/

  • 8/12/15

    Transfer Tools

    AAVIN closes an investment with Transfer Tools, a global manufacturer of deep draw metal stampings. Visit their website at www.transfertool.com

  • 7/1/15

    New Office Location

    AAVIN has relocated! Our new offices at 1245 1st Ave. in Cedar Rapids are bigger and brighter with street access.

  • 6/1/15

    Financial analyst hired

    AAVIN hires financial analyst Kansas Thorp. Kansas holds a finance degree from the University of Iowa and will assist AAVIN in evaluation of potential investments.

  • 2/2/15

    Celleration purchased for $30.4M

    Celleration purchased for $30.4M AAVIN’s past partner, Celleration, is purchased by Alliqua BioMedical for $30.4M. Visit Alliqua’s website at http://www.bcvi.com/